Distinctive shapes with a ‘shelf appeal’


PET Engineering, supported by an international 30-year experience, designs creative and feasible PET packaging for beverage, food, cosmetics, and cleansers by using an integrated consulting approach between design and industrialisation. The company, seated in Treviso, was founded in 1999 by Moreno Barel, and in a few years it has established itself on both national and international markets, working for such multinational corporations as AB InBev and PepsiCo, Heineken, Coca Cola, Nestlè Waters, Ferrarelle… Today it stands among the leader companies in the PET packaging industry.

Norda. Innovative PET packaging for HO.RE.CA.

THE PROJECT (year 2017)

Gruppo Acque Minerali d’Italia, a holding that controls Norda, Sangemini, and Gaudianello historic brands, has launched on the market a new proposal for HO.RE.CA sector: the Exclusive line of Norda top brand, in both half litre and one litre PET versions. Acque Minerali d’Italia chose PET Engineering to design its new packaging. The design of the new ‘Norda Exclusive’ expresses its premium positioning and at the same time it boosts innovation, which became the driving force behind the growth of the Group, committed to redesigning the mineral water sector through ‘Drink Consciously’ concept. Norda Exclusive has a unique and distinctive shape not only for the HO.RE.CA. sector, but for the entire sector of mineral waters, thanks to an unusual expressive code of total breaking with the classic shapes that the consumer is used to see on restaurant tables. In fact, the packaging consists of two asymmetrical parts with different section and height, harmonically coupled by a wave that acts as both structural and aesthetic element, becoming the fil rouge that connects all the products of PET Norda range. The design, after defining the bottle design, continued with prototyping stage and laboratory tests, to verify the mechanical performance of the container. The process ends with the supply of blow moulds and the production of the packaging.

Elisa Zanellato, Marketing & Communication Manager, said: «Both exceptional vertical competence and really innovative approach to design, engineering, and industrialization make PET Engineering a unique reality in the world, able to follow its customers from when the need for a new packaging to its production».

A single ‘modus operandi’ applied to every project

«The design of every packaging always follows the same planning procedure, regardless the type of content. Our designers start the project, beginning with the analysis of both the competitive scenario and brand values ​​that allow them to identify the personality with which the product will have to challenge its competitors on the shelf. The analysis and research stage, so, provides all the elements that will allow designers to develop proposals in which brand and product values ​​will be concretised thanks to a distinctive shape, characterised by a ‘shelf appeal’, whose industrial feasibility is guaranteed by our technical office. The application of our 30-year competence on PET technology allows us to turn the output of our creative stage into a real object, that is to say a physical packaging sample, through prototyping services and check of the performance of the new packaging, as well as through in-house laboratory tests. Finally, the on-line implementation of the new packaging through blow moulds and made in Italy spare parts, combined with the highly specialised expertise of our technicians, ensure quick, efficient manufacturing, with machine downtime reduced to a minimum».

PET Engineering for Levissima

THE PROJECT (year 2016)

Levissima, part of S.Pellegrino Group, presents the new # LA75, whose packaging was born from the collaboration with PET Engineering, to which the company had already entrusted the development of 0.5 L Levissima launched in 2009, and Levissima LaLitro, winner of the Oscar for packaging in 2011, both still on the shelves. The brief submitted to PET Engineering contained two needs to be translated on-pack: it was requested to create a bottle suitable to be brought every day, and that visually expresses the uncontaminated purity of Levissima water, which flows impetuously from Valtellina glacier. PET Engineering team proposed a slim and clean shape, characterised by ergonomic and functional handhold. The decorations in this area of the product, in fact, work in synergy with its push & pull cap and allow the bottle to return to its initial shape after each use. Its conical shoulder presents embossed mountains of Valtellina, thus creating a common language with the family of containers belonging to Levissima brand, such as the prestigious 750 ml glass bottle, for the Ho.re.ca channel. The new # LA75 is transparent, to express through its colour the absolute purity of Levissima water; it is light, and therefore comfortable to fit in handbag, gym bag, or backpack for computer; it is handy and ergonomic, perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as to ensure the right amount of hydration in the hectic everyday life, among a work engagement and the other. 

How to give value to packaging

«Packaging is a complex article, a synthesis of communicative and use functions. The use functions attributed to packaging are distinguished in operational-performance – which considers the packaging itself for preservation, protection and transportation – and accessibility, which guarantees its ability to act as a tool that facilitates interaction between consumer and product. Packaging over time has improved its use functions, but above all it has expanded and strengthened its expressive-communicative functions, to become a ‘meaningful object’, that is to say a wrapping able to create relationships between product and consumer, between values ​​and needs, between brand and collective imagination. All this happens until it has become one of the most important tools available for both product and brand communication. All this is what customers are asking from us: a packaging characterised by a certain shelf-appeal, which is also industrially feasible and serves not only as packaging and tool, but also as product and brand values ​​carrier».

Devin Crystal Line. A sip of crystalline purity

THE PROJECT (year 2014)

Awarded with:

  • World Beverage Innovation Award 2014
  • Oscar of Packaging 2015
  • World Star Award 2016

The packaging was born from the idea of ​​ennobling a low-cost material through precious design and glass-like finish that could link PET, already advantageous from the point of view of unbreakability, lightness, and low cost, to the concepts of elegance, character, and refined simplicity.

How to innovate with techno-design

«Innovation means making improvements to a pre-existing situation: from this point of view, in PET Engineering we innovate every day, thanks to a unique approach that integrates design, engineering, and industrialization. Innovating for us means developing packaging that is the best possible compromise among all customer’s requests, ranging from marketing to communication and production needs, to end-customer’s ones. All this is approached with a philosophy of making packaging inspired by Packaging Ethics Card, promoted by the Italian Institute of Packaging».

A new packaging for Zagorka Beer

THE PROJECT (year 2015)

The new design of Zagorka, developed by PET Engineering’s Design Centre, attributes more distinctive male connotation to the brand, through both robust shape and insertion of two majestic lions on the bottle, a metaphor for Bulgarian people’s pride and appeal to the nation where this special beer is produced.

Consulting, cross-service

«Consulting is an integral part of our approach and it is transversal to all of our services. Our thirty-year experience in the domain of PET technology allows us to advise our customers about the best material, additive, dye, barrier, whose combinations can be then tested directly in our Technological Centre thanks to a prototype service and laboratory tests dedicated to pre-forms; the same thing happens as for the best choice concerning labelling and secondary packaging, as well as changes to be made throughout the bottling line, in order to allow the new packaging to be quickly put into production».

Fonte Essenziale. Well-being in two glasses

THE PROJECT (year 2015)

Despite the one litre size, usually linked to outdoor consumption, Fonte Essenziale is a water to be consumed at home and according to a precise dosage; for this reason, PET Engineering designers began their packaging design by analyzing both the context of use and the glass, which becomes both intake instrument and unit of measurement for a correct dosage, as the label, too, explains. Purity of the material, flat bottom, slim label placed at the bottom of the container, embellished by a brand’s creative look & feel created by Life Comunicazione, strongly express the values and preciousness of this water.




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