Makro Labelling presents the new MAK AHS2

To satisfy demand from the market for higher labelling speeds and improved accuracy, Makro Labelling has developed and launched the new MAK AHS2 self-adhesive labelling module.

As often happens, the new AHS2 was designed to satisfy a specific need, but is destined to become a de facto standard. «Some time ago one of our customers in Mexico sent us a very detailed request for a bottling line. They needed to apply a seal – a very short label of only 15 mm – to bottles of fruit juice filled in a line that operated at a very high speed of 42,000 b/h. This was a highly specific and a particularly challenging requirement. It meant linear labelling at a speed of 100 metres per minute, with extremely rapid acceleration because of the very short label pitch», explains Simone Marcantoni, Head of Makro Labelling’s Automation Department.

SDR_9124_2_72dpiTo achieve this objective without generating excessive mechanical stresses, Makro Labelling developed and later patented a special paper delivery system. This unique system doubles the distance available for label acceleration and therefore reduces the force necessary to accelerate to application speed by a factor of 4.
«This impressive new development dramatically improved the stability of the entire mechanism and process. To reduce the effort needed from the drive motor, the label reel was also motorised using a rubber roller acting directly on the paper. This idea proved highly effective in stabilising motor speed during production», Simone Marcantoni continues.

The MAK AHS2 then evolved from its original version with the introduction of linear damping rollers linked to pneumatic cylinders. Roller reaction force can be adjusted from the control panel thanks to the use of automatic proportional pressure regulators. This innovation made the MAK AHS2 even more stable and versatile. Adjustable damping roller reaction force and an exclusive automatic function for speed adaptation are two major benefits. The addition of polished steel plates to support the paper during all its passages allowed the MAK AHS2 to exceed all previous limitations. The software too was updated with new functionalities like “continuous delivery” which permits the application of labels as long as the machine pitch without having to resort to rotative labelling.
The MAK AHS2 can achieve labelling speeds of up to 150 metres a minute without any significant loss in stability.

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