Sintodry and automatic distribution

The evolution of the dry lubrication in the bottling industry was launched by AEB at the end of 2007 when Sintodry was presented and has been optimized during the following years by the creation of an automatic system of distribution. Benefits: average reduction of consumption by 40-50% comparing with similar systems available on the market; environmental safety either because of the formulation which has not risk labelling, either in use due to the absence of dripping on the floors, dangerous fact for the operators; ease of removal of the formulation during periodic cleaning and maintenance of conveyors comparing with dry systems based on Teflon or Teflon containing. Specificity and originality of distribution system: pneumatic nozzles allow reducing supply unities. The extreme versatility of the system permits to calibrate dosing phases of few seconds in precise and safe way. Various companies of bottling field (soft, drinks, water and milk) nowadays use this system.AEB

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