AEB creates an online platform dedicated to stages in the food sector

The wish to make new experiences and to touch with hands the world of work has always been at the center of many young people who are studying or simply want to embark…

The lubrication of conveyor belts

A careful lubrication of conveyor belts is indispensable to obtain a good sliding degree of containers, granting a correct synchronism among the different stages of the packaging. The lubrication solution offered by AEB….

Sintodry and automatic distribution

The evolution of the dry lubrication in the bottling industry was launched by AEB at the end of 2007 when Sintodry was presented and has been optimized during the following years by the…

Lubrification of conveyor belts in packaging systems

AEB presents Sintodry. Thanks to Sintodry it is possible to lubricate effectively and safely for operators. The product is distributed on PVC conveyor belts and is ideal for handling PET, carton and poly-coupled…

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